Marin PDF Presentation

trace ∞

take off your shoes


Quick, fragmented notes about work:
trace | target practice | Precision, adjustment, exaltation and failure. The fleeting nature of a sacred moment is concealed by time, impermanence (trace). The moment faces impossibility of coincidence (target), but the idealization of such coincidence remains highlighted (the physical structure). The failed attempts at piercing the center instead disrupt the fragile barrier of the surface. Exploration of image vs. picture relationship. Picture has material; it’s a thing to be hung. Image transcends medium; does image exist here? The trace (the thing left behind, what is not) acts as consolation; the viewer is allowed a chance to consume the visual remains as they are captured on the back wall.
take off your shoes | An invitation into the home. Amplification of subtlety and movement and contact through sound. Intimacy is found between the single viewer and the objects, or the interaction of the double viewer.
baptism | periphery | consideration of the (marine) landscape as a thing of mandated sacrality, cleanse, objective beauty. Meditation on the balance between lust and shame. The female figure subverts gaze. The water scape is cropped and contained in such a way to necessarily reject immersion, and objectify the view.
untitled (hologram) | Examines the relationship between worship of image and worship of material.

*Something not mentioned in class: almost all of my video work is on a seamless loop. Elements of movement and temporality are key, but understanding of the the work should not be contingent on a specific moment in the temporal landscape.

If interested: Statement, Research, Visual Analysis of trace ∞ and target practice

Teleology and axiology
Image, picture, material relationships
Landscapes, water
Media theory
Absolution, Reversal, Absence

Rock climbing
Cooking (Currently most proud of: Homemade pasta + puttanesca sauce, Thai red curry, calamari (from whole squid of course), Chinese potstickers, homemade gnocchi with brown butter sage sauce + oyster mushrooms)
Learning Chinese



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