Anicka Yi Response

Anicka Yi’s work plays with a transient materiality that creates an unsteady yet pristine environment with a sense of manufactured isolation. Her use of bacteria as a medium is particularly interesting to me considering its tendency to grow and change. In this way, she relinquishes control and gives agency to the medium. Her display of such bacteria acts as preservation of both life and death of material and organism. It seems that she treats objects containing such material as specimens, often presenting multiples of the same structure, exploiting its material ontology. Her work is a huge inspiration for my own practice considering her interest in exploring the value of the art object, her use of decay often positing irony in worth. I love her use of sensory involvement and development, using scent in a controlled yet changing way. There are multiple threads connecting her work to the idea of consumption, not only through representation of food material, but through bacterial breakdown, and lifespan of an object.


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