1. phlogiston:
    Relationship to cold, replication, false and genuine experience simultaneously:
    Reverse engineer the lumber to resemble logs, bark, etc.
    Burn it for warmth. I’m in a constant state of being cold; it’s hard for me to be inside most air conditioned buildings. I have severe seasonal depression. This action would feel significant to me even though the process to reach it was disingenuous, the creation of a false idol.
    This would be less about acknowledging the roots of the material and more about my desire to replicate the ideal/genuine/iconic experience of a wood fire. Meditates on: the value of an object/material. How does its translation from raw to processed back to falsely raw change the value of the thing both in this context and outside of it? Object vs. Image relationship: It is only the image of firewood burning that I desire, not the composition or nature of the thing
    How to document this? If using video, this adds a new layer of consideration for objectness. I’m diminishing the value by burning the physical and presenting the digitized. Virtual is replicable and therefore holds less worth. This is a pressing issue for me considering I work primarily in (new) media, especially since I took this class in order to turn back towards objects. Would I be intentionally spiting myself by making this work? This self-denial references the situation that I put myself in for this experience, being in the cold in order to be comforted by fire.
    Is this very very generic?
    Consider: “In Defense of the Poor Image” by Hito SteyerlAlternate idea: “Free firewood” Give away manufactured firewood in a similar manner to how it’s often given away off of property.
  2. Growth:
    Attempt to grow something on the lumber. Moss? Mushrooms? This would acknowledge the root of the material without the physical replication of the last idea. Very intimate relationship between me and the wood. I would nurture the material until it were (potentially) capable of sustaining life again. But mushrooms feast on decay. The lumber would be simultaneously supporting life and death.
    Questions: Nothing would likely grow in time for crit. Is the setup enough?  I would continue the process post-crit.
    Where does this work live?
  3. Climbing:
    Make holds. Acknowledge the material either by “reverse engineering” or otherwise. Install on the wall in a difficult formation. Attempt climbing while tracking movements, gestures, paths, etc. Consider the difficulty of climbing a tree.

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