Gordon Hall

Notes while reading:
The “glitter problem” of over representation, while an emotionally accessible turn towards overtness, does seem generally problematic as it reduces possibility for abstracted notions of gender.

I’ve heard non-representational gender politics discussed in relation to ideology or movement (i.e. the masculinity of the sublime and the femininity of fluxus,) but not as much with object-oriented subjects.

An object’s dialogue on non-gender only through lack of performative features? Feels a bit shallow of an assessment, but he will surely return to this idea

Reminiscent of Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway. Post-humanism as non-gendered worldview.

Judith Butler counters gender/sex separation b/c pointing to dualism. Instead, return importance to body. “Born in the wrong body” – alienation from self, inability to actualize physicality of preferred sex

“not a thing but a resistance”

virtual does but not is

it’s late I can’t think


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