1. I’m interested in the anti experience. The acknowledgment that (without performance) removal of the artist in the work is inevitable. Regardless of insertion and history, the work is no longer in direct engagement with the artist. Ownership is lost. Corpo D’Ario. While I don’t believe this assert as any artistic ideology, I deeply resonate with notions of natural removal of the artist and the artist’s interference/importance.
  2. I rarely sleep in my own bed anymore. I fall asleep on my couch about 70% of the time. I don’t know how to talk about how it makes me feel to disrupt myself so horribly. I know that I feel anxious about sleep but I require and adore it.
  3. I aggressively reject the statement/sentiment of “who you really are” in relation to myself. Facets of my personality and my interests feel primarily like intentional curations of what I wanted to be. I think more people operate like this than realize it, but I think I do it to a greater extent, and I think I might also be fooling myself. But probably not.

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