Project 3

I want to create a multitude of interactions centering around precariousness and hesitation, truth and distance.
For now, I want to keep form ambiguous in my own thoughts. Form is indeterminate; form does not define. Not unimportant, but specific. Unsure of how it’s should be used.
1. Perhaps a fabric-thing, a textile. Adorned so that both sides, the verso and the recto, are active, uncomfortably so. It’s unclear as to what the history of its use is and what it is to be used for now. Some kind of hammock?
2. An smooth object with a destructive tool. Participants are contextually instructed to break it but will not be told explicitly to do so. They will perhaps hesitate because of the preciousness of singularity and perfection. The weight is in the decision.
3. A delayed capturing of sound. Participants’ speech or action is recorded, but played back significantly later. Similar to the Dan Graham piece where this was done with video on a one minute delay. That piece spoke greatly to the subversion of video’s immediacy as a medium. I want to speak about death of an experience and the birth of a replica. Distance and distortion created by time. Memories as replications.

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