Audre Lorde and Illana Harris-Babou

Reading about Lorde’s perception of the erotic immediately reminded me of the critique in Society of the Spectacle. Pornography acts as a symbol of the erotic, both casting image as representation, and remove the accessibility of the erotic for consumption in everyday life. Instead, the erotic should be considered as the allowance and experience of necessary hedonism; the enveloping pleasure of individual desire.

The erotic posited solely as sexuality relegates intensity and feeling to a forcibly hidden environment. This environment is shamed and singular.

When we look the other way from our experience, erotic or otherwise, we use rather than share the feelings of those others who participate in the experience with us. And use without consent of the used is abuse

“Use” of the Other rather than shared feeling of such.

Illana’s cooking show allowed an interestingly vicarious experience of pleasure through cooking sensations. The presentation mimicked the sensory appeal of such spectacles, with close up shots describing visceral textures/sound, but abstracted into edible amalgamations.

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